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You Say Goodbye but I Say Hello

I was 23-years-old when I started blogging at A Lovely Place to Land. TWENTY-THREE YEARS OLD. It was our first Christmas in our first house which felt like a palace back then. It was a new construction. There were still rows of plastic across the carpet that had been put down to keep everything perfectly […]

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Life is Beauty Full, Not Perfect.

Lately I’ve wrestled with whether this blog is a worthwhile use of my time. On one hand, I love when I get an email from someone who came across a DIY project here and felt empowered to take on a project in their own home. Maybe I’ve never told you this but I chose the […]

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To My Baby Brother

My baby brother, Josh, got married on Friday. Of course, when I say my “baby brother,” it’s hard to reconcile in my mind the image of a golden-haired toddler with the most delicious curls you’ve ever seen tucked under a wash cloth he wore like Little Foot’s “tree star” from The Land Before Time with […]

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The Family Infertility Built

For years now, I have thought about opening up a dialogue on this little blog about our intuitive, albeit a little odd, parenting style. From time to time, I begin writing only to stop for one of many reasons. At times, I have worried that I may hurt or even anger other parents by explaining […]

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To the Child I Wasn’t Sure I Wanted

Dear Son, I am wide awake at 6 AM, which isn’t an unreasonable time for some people but since I was still up at midnight, singing lullabies and scratching your sister’s back then arm then leg then back again while you also wiggled to get comfortable in my belly, I know I could use the […]

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What Parenting Has Taught Me About God’s Love

My nearly three-year-old daughter, Ada, is mighty. She is full of moxie and imagination and adventure. Her love is as deep as it is wide but her tongue, it is sharp, and she can cut me deeper than anyone can. She told me on Christmas Eve that she didn’t like me anymore and didn’t want […]

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Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas…

Twas two weeks before Christmas and all through the house, the laundry was unfolded and thrown all about. The dishes were stacked on the counter with care, everyone knowing that Momma couldn’t make her way there. She snored in her jammies wearing mismatched socks, no matter if it said 6 PM on all the clocks. […]

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Up for Air

Hey, Friends! I only have a few minutes this morning but wanted to share some photos from over the weekend and let you know I’m still alive since it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. We spent the first week of October on vacation with family and then last week was insane […]

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A New Nest

Hello Friends! Shew, it’s been quiet around here and I apologize. In the last three months, we put our first house on the market, struggled to keep it clean for showings while our toddler-tornado was on the loose, sold it to a sweet girl and moved. We also remodeled my grandma’s 1970s-era laundry room on […]

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To My Husband on His 29th Birthday

The sun is just starting to come up. It’s your birthday. You are 29 today. I keep turning it over in my head, trying to account for the years in between your 18th birthday (the first one I celebrated with you) and this one, which you brushed off the other day as a “forgettable age.” […]

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