You Say Goodbye but I Say Hello

I was 23-years-old when I started blogging at A Lovely Place to Land. TWENTY-THREE YEARS OLD. It was our first Christmas in our first house which felt like a palace back then. It was a new construction. There were still rows of plastic across the carpet that had been put down to keep everything perfectly [...]

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This Isn’t Tuesdays with Morrie

The other day I crawled in bed with my grandma while she was watching some crime show. She’s always watching some crime show and fussing about me going to Walmart by myself. The only thing she watches besides crime shows is Westerns and somehow, she even works those plot lines into reasons I shouldn’t go [...]

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How We’re Homeschooling Preschool

This week is a pretty big week at our house as we start our fall semester of homeschooling preschool for our three-year-old daughter.  Ada is a high-energy, spirited kid and we’ve always felt that her personality would be best suited for a Montessori-style program that would allow her to explore, get her hands dirty and [...]

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Four Generations

Someday I’ll probably have a great story to tell about the days when four generations—my grandmother, mother, myself and my daughter, all lived within seven doors of each other. Someday. Today I feel too close to it all, too caught up in the middle of a storm to make sense of much. When I was [...]

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How I Shop Estate Sales in My Pajamas

I come from a long-line of pickers and tinkerers. I could probably make a Genesis-style genealogy for you showing how my love for treasure hunting and do-it-yourself projects was begot. When I was a kid, I spent weekends getting up early with my mom to go “garage sailing” (as I thought it was called) or [...]

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5 Ways I’ve Let Myself Go Since Becoming Mom

Our neighbor’s 20-year-old daughter dropped by the other day while she was home for the weekend. When I opened the door, she had her hair pulled back in a messy bun and was wearing a pink tank top with cut off shorts. It’s a look I used to get up two hours before class trying [...]

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Life is Beauty Full, Not Perfect.

Lately I’ve wrestled with whether this blog is a worthwhile use of my time. On one hand, I love when I get an email from someone who came across a DIY project here and felt empowered to take on a project in their own home. Maybe I’ve never told you this but I chose the [...]

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Transform a Leather Ottoman with Chalk Paint

Hey Friends! Okay, I’ve FINALLY got a chalk paint tutorial for you. (Kayla, I know you’re out there cheering because you’ve been begging me for one for months.) If you’ve never used chalk paint before, this is a great project because it’s fast and you won’t use even half of a sample pot of Annie [...]

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How to Hide a Doorbell Box

There isn’t a lot of sleep happening around here these days with a hungry, little six-week-old and a super-helpful three-year-old who insists on being up with me to help with the baby. I’ve discovered that if I can stay up until about 2:00 or 3:00 AM and keep myself busy in between those first feedings [...]

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Repurposed Armoire into Peek-a-Boo Changing Table

repurposed armoire

This is the tale of a $50 entertainment cabinet that has served three different purposes in as many years. First, I refinished the cabinet in a pretty gray-blue, installed shelves and used it as a pantry in our old house to solve our food storage woes. When we moved last summer, we no longer needed [...]

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