21 Worst Skincare Myths You Must Know

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The Story:

It wasn’t just one story behind this post. There are several of them accumulated over time and I thought to myself that if I ever write an article on beauty, the first one would be about Myths. Enjoy!


From this particular post, you should expect to learn the Top 21 age-old myths of skincare debunked and also the next steps to make informed decisions to take your skincare to the next level of glow. Do not miss out on the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) at the bottom of the post.

Internet is used by billions of users and only increasing by the day making it a very efficient platform for everyone. Today, we have a TON of content on the Internet just a click away to learn the best out there.

However, the best comes with the worst as the content is not always accurate and can have a negative impact on us because we tend to read and apply them in our daily routine. I felt like you deserve to know better.

When it comes to Skincare, it is crucial to understand the fact from the fiction and if not, it will take a toll on your skin which can at times become irreparable. Okay, enough of the lecture lets dive right in you say, I hear ya…

21 Skincare Myths - alovelyplacetoland
21 Skincare Myths – alovelyplacetoland

List of Top 21 Skincare Myths:

Skincare Myths - alovelyplacetoland
21 Skincare Myths – alovelyplacetoland

The Facts about the 21 Skincare Myths:

  • Skincare Myth #1: “Hot Water open pores and cold water closes pores”
    • The Fact:
      • Facial Pores have no muscles around them so, you cannot open or close your pores contrary to what everyone told you.
      • Steam can help loosen the oil inside the pores to keep them clean but does not open the pores.
      • A quick cool rinse after a hot shower can leave your skin looking less pink (it will close the blood vessels) but does not close the pores.

  • Skincare Myth #2: “Aging gracefully is only due to good genetics” and much more explained:
    • The Fact:
      • Your genetics may be in place, but your overall health is equally influenced by your own lifestyle and healthy choices. Your health is not written on stone but yours to improve upon and maintain.
      • Don’t believe me? I don’t blame ya.
      • Check this example below and I intentionally chose the twins post because they must have the same genes so they should hmmm age mostly the same? nay, check it out for yourself:
Dr. Davin Lim that I follow on Youtube and Instagram

  • Skincare Myth #3: “Do not moisturize an oily skin”
    • The Fact:
      1. Our skin has a natural oil called sebum that serves as a very effective barrier against germs and pollutants (Our body is smart – it has its own defenses against foreign bodies)
      2. When our skin is oily, people normally tend to think like this: “well, my skin is too oily so, in order to control the oil, I need to wash and keep it dry and not apply any moisture that might make it worse”.
      3. Guess what happens if one follows this Myth, Skin will react like this: “oh my god, I am dehydrated, I need to bring on my defenses, let me start by producing more oil to protect it”
      4. Do you see the cycle here? Do you see that we make it worse when we do not hydrate our oily skin? Did you catch that by the end of step 3 above, we went back to step 1?
      5. This cycle will never end if we do not start hydrating the oily skin with a light moisturizer that is non-comedogenic (does not clog pores) to make sure skin is well-balanced and not produce excess oil.

  • “Lighter Complexion: Tanning booth is the best”
    • The Fact:
      1. Tanning is harmful and damages the DNA whether it is from the Sun or an indoor Tan booth.
      2. Tanning booth emits Ultraviolet (UV) radiation

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are facial pores?

Facial pores are visible topographic openings of the skin which correspond to a small hair and its associated oil gland (sebaceous gland, which produces skin’s oils) and is a vital skin structure that contains squalene, ceramides, waxes that hydrate our skin to function well.

What causes large pores?

Three factors contribute to the noticeability of your pores – excessive oil production, age-related decreased elasticity around pores, and increased hair follicle volume.
The size of the pores depends on your genes. You will often see that people with fair-skin will have less visible pores and those with darker and/or oily skin have more visible pores (much more so in Asians).

How can I reduce my pore size?

You cannot change the size of the pores but you can sure take the below steps to make them appear smaller:
1. Control excess sebum by hydrating it with the right moisturizer (clogged pores stretches the edges of the pore and make it appear larger)
2. Daily cleanse to remove underlying debris and makeup (Make sure to wash with an oil cleanser first to remove oil buildup from products and then follow with a gentle cleanser)
3. Exfoliate twice a week to remove the dead skin cells (Salicylic acid or Glycolic acid or Retinoids are a great choice depending on what your skin can tolerate)

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