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Introduction – Site Navigation

This page is designed to help you understand the basic site navigation tips of how all the data is organized in menus, categories, sub-categories, pages, and posts.

As you can see, there are two menus on the top my home page @

  1. Primary Menu located below the logo (bird) consists of 5 main Categories: Skin & Hair, Food, Travel, Pets, and Wellness)
    • Each of these 5 categories is further organized into sub-categories and tags. For example –> Category ‘Skin & Hair’ has a sub-category of ‘Skin’ and a tag like ‘Anti-aging’ to make it user-friendly
  2. Secondary Menu located above the logo is probably easily understood: Home, About Me and Contact. It is just what it says.


The homepage is the front page of this Site (its navigation is explained in the above section).

Under each of the other categories, when you click, it leads you to a dedicated page for that category and I organized these pages to have some introduction on what you can expect to see under each category (page) and the posts underneath each category.


This is probably the reason you flew to my land, posts are the heart of the site and where all the content resides. Posts are based on deep research, studies, and experiences that are concentrated on one Topic/Subject at a time.

Some of my posts took a few days or weeks to research/write and some just a couple of days, it depends on the complexity involved.

Headers/Sections of a Post

While posts have different headers or sections depending on the category and sub-category selected, I still try to have more or less organize similar sections as below except for Recipe posts (Recipes maintain their own style of headers):

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • The Summary
  • The Detail
  • One or more of the below as applicable to the topic
    • Tips and/or Tricks
    • Pros and Cons
    • Comparisons
    • Examples etc.
  • Conclusion
  • The FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  • Affiliate Links to recommended products
  • References

The blog posts have their presence in the following 8 social networks for your convenience and ours.

Please share your favorite posts/opinions on social media accounts to spread the word so everyone knows about the existence of this land :-).

  1. Facebook – group followers
  2. Youtube – for visual lovers
  3. Instagram – for followers
  4. Twitter – for followers
  5. LinkedIn – for connections
  6. Reddit – for members
  7. Pinterest – for followers and boards
  8. BlogLovin – for members

Hope this helps you with the basic navigation tips for my site. Thank you for stopping by and look around and leave me some feedback.