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If you are like me, the sound of ‘Furry’ puts a bright smile on your face, eliminates any stress you have had in the day and worries you if they are not treated with love and respect, a warm welcome to you on this page, fully dedicated to ‘Furry Kids’ and we are already virtual friends.

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
– Anatole France, a French Poet

Being an animal lover, I absolutely believe in the above quote. I also feel sad for people out there who do not have furry kids as part of their families, they are surely missing out on a lot.

We have no biological children so we have always considered our lovely dogs as furry kids from the time they landed their tiny paws in our home. They deserve to be called just that and nothing less for the zillion smiles they put on our face without even saying a word.

Dog Dollar

Let me introduce you to our two funny buddies who rescued us when they were just 8 months old: Cici (11+ years old) and Daisy (6+ years old) as of July 2019.


Cici is the Alpha and her dada says “Cici is a Celebration” and she considers her dada as her idol and he spoiled her from day one by calling her the “Princess” of the home. Guess what, she took full advantage of that and takes no less than a princess treatment even today. Being our very first furry kid, she is our sweetheart and kept us under her paws.


Daisy is a follower of her elder sis, Cici and loves Cici so dearly and takes care of her. Daisy is mama’s girl somehow and we call her the “most loving girl” of the family, always teaching us unconditional love and beyond happy-self for anything and everything. She never loses her cool and always puts a guilty face as if she did something wrong.


Daisy has been a true blessing for Cici because Cici wasn’t as fit with all our pampering when Daisy arrived home. Daisy used to initiate play with Cici consistently convincing her to keep playing and before we knew, Cici got into her very healthy lifestyle and we ended up with two puppies running around and playing like crazy every single day. They are also partners in crime :-).

This page and its posts are dedicated to Dogs and you will find articles (apart from Cici and Daisy funny stories) on topics I spent 100’s of hours on research such as follows:

  • Healthy Food for Dogs
  • Healthy Lifestyle for Dogs
  • Statistics related to Dogs
  • Tips and Tricks for Wagging Tails
  • Healthy Vitamins for Dogs
  • Dogs Tools & Accessories
  • Dogs daycare and boarding

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