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All about Dogs

If you are like me, the sound of ‘Furry’ (Dogs) put a bright smile on your face, eliminates any stress you have had in the day.

You treat them with love and respect, a warm welcome to you on this page, fully dedicated to ‘Furry Kids’ aka Doggies and we are already virtual friends.


This page and its posts are dedicated to Dogs and you will find articles (apart from Chui and Mui funny stories) on topics I spent 100’s of hours (sometimes years of evolving science around dogs) on research.

Some of the topics of interest include the below:

  • Healthy Food for Dogs
  • Healthy Lifestyle for Dogs
  • Statistics related to Dogs
  • Tips and Tricks for Wagging Tails
  • Healthy Vitamins for Dogs
  • Dogs Tools & Accessories
  • Dogs daycare and boarding

Simi is a science graduate and a passionate lifestyle blogger from the melting pot who loves to share what she is good at. She desires to write easy to understand blog posts based on research, studies, and experiences and also shares her amazing travel adventures to inspire her readers. Simi is married to her grad school sweetheart, Vincent, and they live with their two sweet furry kids (doggies), Chui and Mui.