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Thank you for your interest to know more about me. Now that you are already here, I have to warn you that this is a long post, you may need a cuppa coffee to read it:-).


Who am I?

Being a Science graduate, I yearn to take a research-based approach backed by the studies and/or experiences. I have been doing that for the past 15 years, so here I am sharing the knowledge with all of you.

As a person, I believe in giving my 100% to everything I do in my life – be it writing, researching, caring, cooking, working, decorating, traveling, and learning.

From day-to-day, you will find me writing about lifestyle choices such as skincare, haircare, dogs (furkids), food recipes, travel adventures, and wellness.

Hello, my name is Simi and I live with my husband, Vincent in the melting pot along with our two sweet furry kids (doggies), Chui and Mui.


Wearing a Responsible Author Hat

When researching my topics of interest, I become a total nerd of curiosity. I want to find out what the 20 long articles on the subject are detailing and dig into 30 more if I have to, to find out the facts and get to the point.

I keep in mind that any writer should be as unbiased as open-minded and not be influenced by the noise around it when authoring an article and also provide an opinion as applicable for the reader to make the final decision.

Life Chapter #1: “Losing my Dad; Escaping arranged marriage”

I lived overseas until I was 21 and then made an unplanned decision to move to the United States for higher studies (or really to escape an arranged marriage; in those days, it was normal/society standard to have girls get married at the age of 21 and have 2 kids by 25).

We were a big family and losing our Dad when I was a teen taught us many hard lessons in life. At that young age, my only dream was to earn money to support my widowed mother financially and take care of her.

Mom and Myself – many years back 🙂

However, my mom had other ideas, she was worried about me and the society we live in so, it was imperative she would get me married if I continued to live with her. You see, it is not her fault, she was only doing the motherly duty, selflessly.

I had to think and think fast, took the help of my kindest cousin bro and my family to convince mom to pursue my higher studies (Master of Science).

Life Chapter #2: “Unplanned move to USA”

I started the research, prepared myself like there is no tomorrow, passed the required entrance exams, applied to only four US universities and got admission to all of them to my surprise. The next big milestone was my visa interview.

If you are born in the USA, you wouldn’t understand the struggle of obtaining a visa which is entirely up to the US consular officer to read you as a person, not just the credentials before granting a visa.

My fate was decided on that one special day and I felt like Dad was just by my side throughout the interview to guide me. I was granted a visa for several years.

I didn’t know if I made the right decision but all that fear was worth it later on as I planned my future in the nation well-known to reward hard work and dedication.

I thought to myself, I can achieve my dream after all.

Traveling out of the Country and Alone

Life Chapter #3: “My new life in the USA”

I started my new life in the United States.

I met a good friend (husband now) on my very first day of arrival. He is smart, highly disciplined, hard-working, honest and highly ambitious just like me in life.

Being the daughter of an Airforce Ex-servicemen, I highly respect and admire these qualities.

We are so grateful to our seniors who helped us around the university. Our seniors continued to help us find housing near campus, options to earn a living, opening a bank account, applying for SSN and more than anything, making us feel like home greeting and cooking for us.

After about a week of all the initial excitement, I did feel homesick and facing the challenges of living alone.

Life Chapter #0: “Connecting with my past”

“You win some and you lose some”, such is life. I am ever so grateful for a good standard of living in America but miss my dearest family oceans away from me.

Growing up we were barely a middle-class family but our smart parents never let us feel that. We learned a lot of discipline early on from our parents with a more reserved lifestyle.

Mom fed us tasty meals every single day

Mom was totally broken after Dad’s death with unmarried kids and for one whole year, we had no smile on our faces.

She pulled herself together for the sake of kids and if it wasn’t for her, we daughters probably wouldn’t have had any chance at a good life.

Life Chapter #4: “Fast Forward to now…”

Blogging to me came to life because one day, during my commute, I was listening to the song “High Hopes“. It kinda fueled my old thoughts to do something more in life and pursue my passion.

To share what I learned all these years…is the story of the birth of my blogging site: A Lovely Place to Land.

Mama said don’t give up, it’s a little complicated
All tied up, no more love and I’d hate to see you waiting
They say it’s all been done but they haven’t seen the best of me
So I got one more run and it’s gonna be a sight to see

-High Hopes Song Lyrics

Enough “About me”

I hope you liked my story, I know its longer than expected but I wanted you to know the person sitting behind these articles.

I am glad that I took this action of blogging and be able to leave a piece of me long after I exit from this planet. I would encourage you to pursue your passion as well whatever that is and one day you will be glad you did.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to comment and drop me a line or two. Let me know what is your passion? What do you want to do?

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Simi is a science graduate and a passionate lifestyle blogger from the melting pot who loves to share what she is good at. She desires to write easy to understand blog posts based on research, studies, and experiences to help and inspire her readers. Simi is married to her grad school sweetheart, Vincent, and they live with their two sweet furry kids (doggies), Chui and Mui.