Fourth of July Recap

Hey, Friends! I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a few days but I’ve had one sickly little girl. I had hoped to post some tutorials before the Fourth of July but instead of editing photos and writing last Tuesday as I had planned, we had one of those scary “grab my shorts out of the dryer!” nights when we thought we’d have to take the baby to the ER because her temperature had gotten so high. Thankfully, all is well now and a nurse called us with some great advice before we could leave for the hospital. If you’re in the Lexington area and need a pediatrician, please go to Pediatric and Adolescent Associates. I cannot say enough good things about them! And I’m personally a big fan of Dr. Hosinski but all of the doctors are very kind and accommodating. There…just a little public service announcement. Little Bit is feeling better but she’s working on cutting five teeth all at once, which has left us all a little worn around the edges. We’re spending some time in northern Kentucky with family this week so we can rest poolside and I can take advantage of having extra, willing hands to help Ada so I can work on my novel.

With all of that said, I apologize for the super-late Fourth of July pictures but since I put so much work into these projects last week, I hate to leave them sitting in a lonely file on my desk for an entire year. It’s our tradition that we visit my husband’s family in Pendelton County for the Fourth and every year, I tell his cousin Julie that she’s living in my dream house. It’s a gorgeous, old farmhouse with a huge, amazing yard. There’s a gazebo surrounded by wildflowers, a pool and lots of room for itty bitties to run and play. I am mildly obsessed with hydrangeas so the fact that this house is surrounded by big, blue hydrangea bushes makes me melt every time we go there. Yep, my dream house.

Sadly, the hydrangeas had suffered from the crazy, 100 degree days we’ve had here in Kentucky but everything else was perfect. Here are a few shots from our post-Fourth of July party, which we held last Saturday so all of the working folks could enjoy the day without the Thursday back-to-work blues plaguing them.

Gary and Julie's lovely farmhouse

A homemade pallet flag Cousin Julie created to greet us from the road

Just as the sun was starting to set behind the gazebo, which Julie has decorated with found glasses wired to serve as lanterns, wildflowers and a vintage chandelier.

The temperature climbed to 105 on Saturday, so everyone stayed close to the pool.

My DIY Firecracker Wreath found a home on Julie's whitewashed pool fence. The wreath cost about $3 to make. I used red, white and blue clothesline and created firecrackers out of paper coin sleeves spray painted red. All supplies came from the Dollar Tree.

Phoebe rings a homemade Freedom Bell

I created these tin-can bells for the children who were too small to play with sparklers. A wooden ball hanging from a piece of twine on the inside of the can makes a great sound when the bell is shaken.

Ada plays with her bell and shows off her patriotic dress, which I got for a song at K-mart. Only $4!

I created this firecracker garland using a blue and white clothesline and paper coin sleeves from the Dollar Tree. I spray painted the paper sleeves then added frayed twine to each one to give it a firecracker look.

Well, I hope in this case late is better than never. Please check back with me later this week for some tips and tricks for repurposing old toys and a few stories I’ve had up my sleeve. Until then, have a lovely week!

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