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Momma & Me Gluten Free Mug Muffins

Hello, Sweet Friends! I thought I’d pop in for a moment to share a recipe with you and promise that next week, I’ll post some photos of the many, MANY projects we’ve been throwing ourselves into around here before Baby Eli comes. From Eli’s pallet-planked wall to a tutorial I’ve been working on about chalk […]

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Good Girl Moonshine

If like me, you’re fighting a cold, a seemingly endless to-do list and a cranky toddler, you may want to cozy up to this concoction. My midwife was kind enough to share this recipe with me to fight first trimester nausea but I’m loving the combo of apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon and cinnamon as […]

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Buffalo Chicken Chili

Hey, Friends! I joked on Facebook today that it feels like our little family is playing Oregon Trail because everyone is sick and we’re down a car with a flat tire so it only seems fitting that I share a recipe for buffalo chicken chili. I whipped up this spicy soup last night (in my […]

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Food for Thought: Paleo Blue Plate Project

This month I am celebrating one year being gluten, Diet Coke and gallbladder free. When I think back to how I was living this time last year, or hanging on rather, I am amazed by the differences in my energy, weight and overall health. After the hormones I took to get pregnant and then a […]

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Paleo and Southern

I’ve adopted a Paleo lifestyle to manage my autoimmune disease and though doing so has made me healthier and happier, I’m still a Southern girl with a taste for things fried and divine. But if my Southern roots have blessed me with anything it’s an ability to press on and make something out of nothin’. […]

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Paleo Breakfast Inspiration

One of the things I really love about being Paleo is the freedom it allows me. My focus becomes abundance rather than cutting back on this or that. After years and years of eating a fat-free diet with weekend splurges that often spiraled into “I’ll start again next week” guilt trips, it’s so refreshing to […]

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Paleo Diary: Trusting Your Gut

Hey, Friends! After posting a photo of myself on Facebook last week (which I took the morning I hit my 20 pound weight-loss point) I got a TON of questions about what I’m doing. First, let me say that I am not dieting. You can read more about my decision to embrace a Paleo lifestyle […]

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Pumpkin Spice Primal Oatmeal

Morning, Friends! Isn’t this a perfect fall weekend? I thought I’d share one of my favorite breakfast treats, just in case like me, you’re enjoying a slow morning in your jammies. This is a great Paleo-friendly replacement for oatmeal and if you make a double-batch, you’ll have a bowl ready for a busy morning. Here’s […]

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Thrifty Thursday: Gluten-Free Lifestyle & a Recipe

Hey, Friends!  I recently shared that we’ve decided to go gluten-free at the Hervey Nest and since so many of you have shared such wonderful advice, recipes, product suggestions and personal experiences, I thought I’d share a quick update and one of Ada’s new favorite breakfasts. Honestly, I had never paid much attention to gluten-free […]

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Cave Momma

In August, my friend Kayla posted this picture of her lunch. I remember because I was drinking my third Diet Coke and eating a rainbow cookie at the kitchen counter, while using my first free moment to skim Facebook. It was the first time I had stopped to eat all day (I had been too […]

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