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Life is Beauty Full, Not Perfect.

Lately I’ve wrestled with whether this blog is a worthwhile use of my time. On one hand, I love when I get an email from someone who came across a DIY project here and felt empowered to take on a project in their own home. Maybe I’ve never told you this but I chose the […]

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The Blogging/Life Mistake I Made in 2013

It’s the first week of 2014 and I’m broke. Not money is tight broke but sweet potatoes for dinner broke. It’s that awkward part of the month when, despite my best planning and hustling for freelance jobs, we’re waiting for checks and checking the mail thirty times a day. Everything from the gas tank in our one […]

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What Parenting Has Taught Me About God’s Love

My nearly three-year-old daughter, Ada, is mighty. She is full of moxie and imagination and adventure. Her love is as deep as it is wide but her tongue, it is sharp, and she can cut me deeper than anyone can. She told me on Christmas Eve that she didn’t like me anymore and didn’t want […]

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Mimi Moore is one of my favorite people in the world and I met her on accident. It wasn’t long after I started working as an editorial assistant, in fact I think it was my first real assignment that had taken me on the road to travel from the legendary Shaker Village in Harrodsburg to […]

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Things Left Unsaid

My freshman year of college, I sent an email to my roommate while home for the weekend that I’ve regretted for nearly a decade. We had become fast friends and like in the movies, spent our time having random dance parties in our dorm room which we had decorated in various shades of our favorite […]

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Sunshine After the Rain

Happy Monday, Friends! Little Sassy and I are enjoying a rainy day at home today and I hope you’re enjoying the blessing of some rain, too! Call me crazy but lately I’ve felt like this drought has dried up more than my squash plants. Do you ever have stretches of time in your life when […]

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Mommy Shields

Not long after we learned that we’d have a daughter, I stood in an aisle at Babies R Us beside my husband, overwhelmed by the four-page-list of things we had been told we absolutley needed to raise a baby. I remember the daunting wall of baby thermometers and how I read each package carefully, my […]

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God Uses Crazy

The first time I ever had to spend recess standing with my nose against the wall was all because of my grandma and her nerve pills. She had arrived at our house after a four hour drive from Tennessee with her matching suitcases and a doll wearing a dress she had knitted with look-at-me pink […]

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