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How We’re Homeschooling Preschool

This week is a pretty big week at our house as we start our fall semester of homeschooling preschool for our three-year-old daughter.  Ada is a high-energy, spirited kid and we’ve always felt that her personality would be best suited for a Montessori-style program that would allow her to explore, get her hands dirty and […]

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Eli’s Gentle Birth: 5 Positive Changes I Made For My Second Pregnancy

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve already met our new little guy, but if not, allow me to introduce you to Elijah Finn. Or more simply (as we like things around here) Eli. He was born June 19th and we’ve spent the last two weeks just swooning over him. As you can […]

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Planning a Montessori-Inspired Playroom

Hey Friends! Sorry it’s been quiet the last week around here. Between writing assignments, house projects and the onset of third trimester exhaustion, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to update. We’ve been trying to wrap up several projects before Eli comes in June. We’re about halfway finished with planking an accent wall in […]

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5 Ways We’re Really Making Parenthood Harder

It’s nap time here at my house. For the first time all day, the toddler and the dog are tame and I’m just sitting here quietly with a cup (my third today) of coffee. There’s a lot to be done around here and usually, this hour or so I get of tantrum-and-barking-free time in the […]

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Rainy Day Snowmen

With a few dollar store supplies and a little imagination, you can create a winter wonderland indoors. Here’s what you’ll need for your rainy day snowmen: -Cornstarch -Shaving cream -Mini chocolate chips (plus extra for snacking) -Carrot -Clothesline or string -Sticks -Spoons and cups for playing In a large bowl, mix the shaving cream and […]

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What High School Taught Me About Parenting

I posted something on Facebook yesterday about relating to Lindsay Weir on the show “Freaks and Geeks” and this morning, my mom called to tell me she had watched two episodes and besides being horrified to relive her own high school memories, didn’t get why I’d relate to the show’s lead character. “You were never […]

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Toys-Day Tuesday: DIY Chalk Book

Hey, Friends! I apologize for the almost Wednesday-edition of Toys-Day Tuesday but some little girl refused to nap at all day. I just snapped this shot of her all-cozy with her puppy and as soon as I get this post written, I’m going to get in on that snuggle-fest.   This week, I thought I’d […]

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DIY Family Costumes

Happy Freaky Friday! As promised, I have some great DIY costume tips. If you missed last week’s style boards featuring wear-again fashions so you get the most bang for your buck this Halloween season, click here. This week I thought I’d share my two most recent DIY costume projects with some tips on how to […]

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Giving it All

A few weeks ago I met with Emily, one of my dearest friends, for coffee at Starbucks.  These dates have been a tradition since we were lab partners in chemistry at Oak Hills High School and despite the 90 miles that separate us, we’ve managed to find time to meet at least a few times […]

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Games of Chance: A Letter to my Daughter

Dear Ada, Eleven years ago this week I was sitting in my grandparents’ basement with the boy who lived across the street. We were in the game room where my grandpa (who had a wicked sense of humor that I pray you’ve inherited) had hung this giant oil painting of Moses that I swear looks […]

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