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This Isn’t Tuesdays with Morrie

The other day I crawled in bed with my grandma while she was watching some crime show. She’s always watching some crime show and fussing about me going to Walmart by myself. The only thing she watches besides crime shows is Westerns and somehow, she even works those plot lines into reasons I shouldn’t go […]

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Four Generations

Someday I’ll probably have a great story to tell about the days when four generations—my grandmother, mother, myself and my daughter, all lived within seven doors of each other. Someday. Today I feel too close to it all, too caught up in the middle of a storm to make sense of much. When I was […]

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5 Ways I’ve Let Myself Go Since Becoming Mom

Our neighbor’s 20-year-old daughter dropped by the other day while she was home for the weekend. When I opened the door, she had her hair pulled back in a messy bun and was wearing a pink tank top with cut off shorts. It’s a look I used to get up two hours before class trying […]

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Life is Beauty Full, Not Perfect.

Lately I’ve wrestled with whether this blog is a worthwhile use of my time. On one hand, I love when I get an email from someone who came across a DIY project here and felt empowered to take on a project in their own home. Maybe I’ve never told you this but I chose the […]

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I’m Not Good at Being Pregnant and That’s Okay.

I have a confession to share with you: I am not very good at being pregnant. Shew. It feels good to get that off my chest. The truth is, despite a good fight to eat healthy foods, exercise and wear more than yoga pants, I have waddled into my third trimester with acne, no control […]

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Dear 13-Year-Old Me

Dear 13-Year-Old Me, I know you, friend. I can look at you and see that you’re doing your very best to look like Joey Potter. You’re hoping maybe someone will make the connection that not only are you mature enough to watch Dawson’s Creek (which let’s be honest, you won’t actually watch until you have […]

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The Genuine Things

Sometimes I think my magazine background sort of ruined me, at least when it comes to blogging. I get these ideas in my mind about how a post should read or how a DIY project should look and instead of keeping up with you all, I end up putting off updating this little, old blog […]

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5 Imperfections I’m Embracing in 2013

I have a crooked tooth. We don’t use the word “snaggle-tooth” at my house because it pisses me off; just ask my husband. Carrying my daughter left me with a wreath- yes, a wreath- of stretch marks around my belly button that sets off my new gallbladder surgery scars beautifully. But you know, I’m getting […]

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Embracing Abundance

I say this often but not often enough: Kayla Danelle, thank you, friend! Thank you for posting this picture of your lunch because it changed my life: I’ve always loved New Year’s. To be honest, sometimes my ideas are too big, my plans too complicated. I doubt I’m alone when I say that by December, […]

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Stopping for Air

Do you ever visit Marian at Miss Mustard Seed’s Blog? If you don’t, you should… I’ve been reading her blog for a few years now and in a lot of ways, feel like she’s a kindred spirit. She creates these beautiful pieces of furniture (that I both admire and envy) and can out-decorate most interior […]

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